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The haters are out there...

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well the most interesting thing happened the other day..i walked out of my bio 160 class and got to my car..i parked my car facing the way i was walking towards it from the the first thing that i see is my glad cuz its nice and shiny, the flint mica jus sparkling..but low and behold when im really close, theres 3..not 1 or 2..but 3!! key marks on my hood..luckily there not in the primer, but ive tried scratch remover i tried waxing..but those ugly marks of the beast still show..anything you guys recommend? I know there not deep because when i run my hand over them the finish is still pretty smooth..any scratch removers or waxes you guys recommend?
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No wax or polish will replace paint or clear. Your best hope is to use a polisher and round the edges of the scratches so they dont stand out so much.

You could try the touch up paint from your local dealership if you want to bring the base of the scratch up a bit.. If that doesn't do it, CF hoods are about $350.
^^^ Exactly what krzy said. If you run your hand over it and can't feel anything then there is some hope that a random orbital sander w/ a fine cut compound will be able to bring down the edges so you can hardly see it. Really depends on how deep they are. You would probably get better feedback if you post some close-up pics.
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