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My GPS receiver came in today, which shocked me, since I just ordered it Monday afternoon. ha! It works great. I have a friend who was trying to convince me that it wouldn't work because it's Bluetooth, but the Bluetooth works great. First time I've ever used it. There's a few little bugs, like it trying to take me down the wrong way on a one-way road, or down a road that hasn't existed in 5 or 6 years. ha! But I checked on and it had the same problems, so it's nothing too bad.

I wanna thank zoltiz for the help with the maps! I've got all of Indiana on the Pocket PC right now, and when I get paid again, I'm gonna get a 1 GB SD card to put everything else on.

I'm still waiting for the suction mount to come in. I'll post pics once that's in.

I can't wait till my first road trip! Might do that in a couple weeks, when the girlfriend gets back from New York.
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