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thanks to you all...i made the plunge

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i have been reading forums on the tC for about a week now...religiously. fortunately, i am still waiting on my clearance at work so i have had plenty of time to read all of the great stuff you all have written about the tC. i first turned to scion with an interest in the xB. i loved that little box...and still do. still, my curiousity with the tC got the best of me and i decided to go on a little test drive...and that's all she wrote. on the way to dinner tonight, we swung by the ol' dealership and placed the order. it's already at the just has to have a couple of things slapped on it and then its on it's way to colorado.
can't wait! hope it all goes well - no hang ups.

thanks again...for all your passive knowledge and input.

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Congrats man. I'll be getting my tC soon too. Enjoy it and post some pics of your ride when you get it.
Good lord! I swear I've got the worst luck or something...LOL. I ordered mine a year ago (or so it feels) and still haven't gotten the "it's off the boat" phone call.

BIG GRATS on your tC! What color and options did you decide on? And WELCOME to the site!
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options...i went a little low-key on the options. when i went in to the dealership yesterday, he told me there was a silver streak at the port (5 spd) with only floor mats. i didn't want those as i wanted to get all those type of accessories off of (i think that's it), but i decided to go ahead to avoid any potential further delay. they are going to have the auto-dimming mirror installed at the port along with the rear bumper appl. all the rest of the crap i want i will order online and save myself 30%.

i hope it wasn't too good to be true that there just happened to be one at the port like i wanted...i will call the dealership on monday just to check in

once it gets here i am going to have a clear front-end mask installed to protect it from the many potential rocks on the road...then i will take delivery.
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