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Thanks Luminics! NOT

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My email to the company-
HI, i purchased the pure blue for my scion tc a few months ago, recently my bulb would go off and on, took it off and both of my bulbs and wire harnesses are melted. This is rediculous, you advertise on our site and they fry our harnesses? I really do not want to pay for this. And i read no where when i bought them that I needed an upgraded harness. please contact me back.

They emailed me-
We are sorry to hear that the bulbs fried your harness. The ONLY vehicle that we have ever had any issues with is the Scion Tc. Its not our bulbs and its not all of our bulbs. If you put 100 sets of aftermarket bulbs on a scion tc you will probably have roughly 5 of them have a problem. If you would like to put your stock bulbs back in and bring it to the dealership they will fix the problem at no cost to you. If there is a problem with the bulbs we would be more then willing to warranty the bulbs. We offer an upgraded harness for $20.00 a pair including shipping.


Scott Brown

So the bulbs fried my harnesses and the bulbs are melted pieces of plastic now, but its not the bulbs fault.........Right. Just a warning guys!!!!!
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Passing the buck to the dealership is always nice.

I had to do my own investigation about it since there is no such disclaimer on their web site. Does any one have the upgraded harness and lights with no problems?.
well sorry to hear bout your prob!!!! thanks for the info tho i was thinking bout getting bulbs from them!!!
So they are suggesting that you defraud the dealership? That does not seem wise -- either suggesting it or actually doing it.

For what it's worth, I e-mailed them a few weeks ago telling them that the blue headlight bulbs I bought from them were so dim I was getting ready to throw them in the trash. He offered to send me a new set in another color if I sent them the bulbs, which I appreciated, but he said that they required the packaging. Who keeps the packaging from bulbs? Anyway, I finally took them out last week in favor of some cheap $5 bulbs. They are much brighter than the Luminics were.
Originally posted by basilisk4@Dec 29 2005, 11:16 AM
Who keeps the packaging from bulbs?
I do

...I put my old bulbs in 'em...
Unfortunately, I have about 10 packages of bulbs in the garage, but I don't know which are are in the right packages, or which ones even work... I should just toss 'em
I even have another set of Silverstars in our office that I forgot to send back to Sylvania! doh!
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why are these lights causing problems. I went out to check my wiring and there was no problem that i could see. my ultra violets are 55W stock is 51W. is that the basis of the problem. too much wattage?

I took swaped mine back to stock to be on the safe side.
This idea that 55W bulbs will scorch the tC's wires is ludicrous. You're telling me that Toyota, a company known for designing its cars to withstand more than they can reasonably be expected to encounter, ran wire to the headlights that can withstand 51W, but not 55W? No way. It is much more likely that these bulbs are drawing more than 55W.
Or they are using a filament that transfers a lot more heat to the base than the OEM filament. They have to be doing something to get those high color temperatures. Blocking all red/infrared does have its consequences.
For the record, I was using 100W bulbs in my headlights on my '99 Corolla, and it took months for noticeable scorch marks to develop...and the wires NEVER melted completely. I ran those bulbs in that car for 2 years, and that car had daytime running lights.

So like I said, something is fishy with the Luminics bulbs if they are melting people's wires...
I've been running Silverstars in 2 different Toyotas for 3 years now - long 4-hour night drives and all - not a sign of melting or overheating. It's not the car's fault. Sylvania Silverstars in 9006ST are rated at 55W, so tC can definitely handle it.

(z. from Scott's computer)
Sure but if they are internally reflecting all the low frequency light (infra-red and red spectrum) to get the colors they want, that energy has to go somewhere. How about right into the base of the bulb where it overheats the materials the connector is made of? It's not just simple wattage, it's what's happening to the output.
^^^ Those 100W bulbs I had in my Corolla were "superwhite."
So what do you do, I just bought some of the luminics bulbs now I'm not sure I want them. I still don't know if I should buy the upgraded harness because I don't know or no one has said it it really works? Return the lights or buy the harness??
I say send em back, why take the risk. And why should you support this company by buying their harness....apparently they didn't care enough to put a disclaimer up saying they could frie your harnesses. OOOO but its okay you can upgrade LATER for only $20.00+ shipping. (sarcasm)

Its companies like that, that piss me off. Sounds like there totally disregarding customer service and there just in it for the money, I say we lash out haha and post more threads saying not to buy these lights.
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Your so right, why should I have to spend more $$ when they don't even make it apparent that the lights could fry your cars wiring. It's a win win situation for luminics, buy the lights then you have to buy the harness. It's just not worth it. Anyway my stocks lights do the job.
jus take em out and get some silverstars or PIAA
eh, silverstars burned out faster than any other bulb I've owned & I don't do much night driving (my commute is only 3mi)
ohh, so would you suggest PIAA? i didnt change my bulbs to any of the good brands, just some five dollar thing at pep boys...
PIAA is so damn expensive... They worked well in my driving lights on my Celica, while the lights themselves actually worked
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