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Text Button on Sterio

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Got a question...when i went on a test drive I noticed a button that said "text" on the radio. My dealer told me that you can program a specific message to come on everytime you start the car this really true? If not what's the "text" button for?

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Yes it is true... I haven't gotton a chance to program mine yet.
actually i dont think you use the text button.

first you turn your car on then find the acc button and you press that until it beeps or something then you turn it off and then before you turn it back on again you hold mute, i believe, then you can program it using the volume or something, its just the welcome screen, however im probably wrong on the steps but i know its in the white Audio Manual in your Black Leather case in ur glove compartment, you can find hwere it is on the table of contents,
Thanks phammerz and imasaf!! That helps out...I didn't have my car yet so I wasn't sure, but as soon as I get it I'm going to figure everything out I've been reading in these forums
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the text button is for either sat. radio or MP3-CD's, and possibly normal Audio CD's with CD-Text (an extreme rarity...). I use it all the time with MP3-CD's. You keep hitting it and it displays different parts of the MP3's ID3 tag, like artist, album, track, and also displays folder or file name. If the specific ID3 field you're displaying at the time runs over the space provided you hold it for a second or two and it scrolls over. do the same again to return it to normal.
that is three different responses...anyone else wanna give it a go..PLEASE!
Originally posted by Texasbarbie@Aug 9 2004, 12:42 PM
that is three different responses...anyone else wanna give it a go..PLEASE!
spydirweb is correct.. the TEXT button is used for deciphering MP3-Cds (assuming
they've been labeled) and also text from CD-Text enabled cd's.

as far as using it to program the welcome message.. i don't know i've never tried
to re-program it
Yep everyone is right......The text button is just for the mp3s if they are labeled......The welcome screen says whatever you want it to with some wierd combination of starting the car and holding buttons,...IT"S all in the audio manual
If you want a program that burns Text to a regular CD (not mp3 cd) see if you can find a program called "nero burning Rom" . It will do mp3 and regular cds with CD text. If you can't find it, let me know, I can host the full version so you can download it for free!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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