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Tein SS-P Suspension

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We put the Teins on my IIP last Sunday, and I've had a chance to drive them a bit now. I still haven't got the re-alignment done, that will be 8/19/05.

First impressions - it is stiffer than stock, but not unpleasantly stiff like the Tein HAs I have on my Supra. Sharp lips and bumps make a lot more noise inside the car, as expected, but at the softest setting, the damping is fine for street use, and might even work a little better with a bit more damping.

Tein recommends a 20mm measurement from the bottom of the spring locking collar to the bottom of the threaded section on the damper body. I chose to increase this by 5mm to get a little more ride height. I didn't want the car dropped 2.6" as they claim the kit does with the recommended settings. After driving for a bit with it, I believe I will be able to lower it at least another 2.5mm and still have good ride height.

The install was pretty straight forward, Damon really did most of the install work, and it appeared to be nothing out of the ordinary if you have done shock/strut remove and replace before.

One of the biggest plusses for the pillowball mounts is the camber adjustment that comes standard with the Tein hats.

Fit and finish are excellent as expected, and I would recommend this kit to anyone wanting to make a major suspension upgrade.
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