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Tctunerz customer service

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FYI< first of all I ordered 3 things almost 3 wks ago. So far I have received one part. All the stuff was to go to one location. I have tried to reach them via phone and email. So far they never answer their calls and when they did the one out of 20 call times the guuy said it was all shipped Fed Ex. I asked for a tracking number and he told me he'd call back after he got back to the shop. That was a wk ago. The one thing I got was my exaust and they may have shipped it in a newspaper, thats how bad it was packed. Can't believe after $650 they would do that so beware people...
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No surprise there.

I'm telling you: stay away from anyone that uses "z" instead of "s."
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WOW, A phone call back, only after this posting:) The funny thing is I will be with these guys in Daytona from what I found out today for the Scion Exposed Car show on March 26th. Now I feel weird but they did F up the freight stuff. Be careful with them as a new company because they do alot of drop shipping now and make sure you can inspect the packaging when it arrives. They have assured me that it won't happen again and they are going to be getting thier own warehouse so no more drop ships(damaged goods) this yr. We'll see. I still have to get my Weapon intake yet and headers. Wish I could get the headers from somewhere else but I don't want the dyno ceramic one but the Tc performance header they advertise.
yah... I saw him on here about 10-20min ago...
duuuude, haven't you read any of the posts about them? Welcome to the site by the way, next time do your research before forking over so much money to someone you don't even know and that is not reputable.
well I have learned my lesson about new companies. Always call till they are established and make sure you know the shipping methods and if you can use your own methods. Dont order online unless u can talk to a person. I was kinda lucky getting the proprieter on the phone over there but when I did he worked with me.
at least they're somewhat nice when you get a hold of them. I hope other people will learn from your experience and hope you get all the stuff you ordered and it meets your expectations. Good luck and once again, welcome to the site.
The guy does all the orders by himself. He is moving to a new office/warehouse now and will hire people to handle orders when the move is over. He's not that bad of a guy once you get to know him...
I'm not saying he's a bad guy, but if you take someone's money, you should deliver. If he's not up for processing orders and shipping them out in a timely fashion, then why does he accept them? That's just poor businessmanship.
yes it is. and I told him this myself. He's not a bad guy but i did remind him to check on his drop shippers for future so that I am hopefully the last guy to post something negative or call and gripe about.
On the 8th of Feb I initially wrote a post here beacause I was upset that I had not received my parts in a reasonable time and when I received the first part it was not packaged professionally(kind of like a 2 year old would do it), I was so surprised my exhaust wasn't destroyed coming from Cali to FL. I also ordered the logo stickers for the windows which today a month later still have not received. I emailed Tctunerz yesterday and still have had no response. What would be my next step w/o being an #######, because I may blow up next month if I don't have my sheeit.
Next time go with ken from
I got my stuff in under a week
2 more emails and no response from Tctunerz. I would plug them at the car show if the business was better...
Send an email and a phone call for every day that you don't have your stuff. Eventually they'll answer you. (Shawshank Redemption)

But seriously, WTF, I can't believe they're doing this to you. They could at least call and explain whatever the situation is. At this point I'd demand my money back.
Screw that after that much time if you already complained to the company and they aren't responding/helping then you need to go to the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint. As they say...
"If you think that a company or charity has treated you unfairly, file a complaint online. We will contact the organization to help resolve the issue." And definately research the company next time before you drop that much money on something.
What a shame. If tctunerz had better service, they would be cleaning up. They have what appears to be one of the best selection of OEM and aftermarket parts available. They're pretty on top of it when new stuff comes out. Unfortunately, I end up going to their site to find the new stuff. Then I go elsewhere to order it.

For the record, I have not ordered from tctunerz, and I have yet to read any posts about their excellent service. I'm pretty confident that this is not an isolated incident.

I have however ordered from on two separate occasions. In both instances, the products showed up on time, as expected, and at a great price. Then one time I needed to contact Ken, he responded promptly and courteously.
I have used Ken over at Sparks before and he is good no doubt. It's just hard to find certain parts that these people have unfortunately. Too bad Sparks doesn't have performance headers.
I would be extremely surprised if tCtunerz stocks much of any of what they "sell." What's most likely is that they order something from a distributor when a customer places an order.
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