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What's the name of the tc on japan?
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there is no tc in japan, from what i understand, scion is a usa only company (at least right now)
The tC is a USDM-only model. The bB (xB) and ist (xA) are both sold in JDM-land.
the tc was designed specifically for the us market. it has some relation to the toyota aventis i believe though.
Well the xa is the toyota ist in Japan thats why I was asking
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tc was designed for Scion and Scion only...

It was designed 18 months on a computer...

Baseline is from the Toyota Avensis (European Toyota)
Drivetrain from the Camry
Same stock tires as the IS300 (Toyota Altezza (Japan))

The xA and xB are Toyotas in Japan (Toyota Cube for the xB, I'm not sure of the name for the xA).

FYI... Toyota Motor Corp. USA has discontinued the Celica for the US market. I believe the tC is to replace it's spot. Perhaps they will release the Supra now. Nissan and Mazda already have the market claimed with their 350Z and RX-8 respectively.

Hope that helps.
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tC stands for Touring Coupe

xC wouldn't do because I think it was either Volvo or Audi that had the rights to their XC90? I could be mistaken about model number.
Couple of things... tC does not stand for Touring Coupe. We in fact don't know what it stands for. Secondly, the xB is teh bB in Japan and not the Cube. The Cube is a Nissan.
for further information on the NISSAN cube click here.

and, to filter the information provided here in one small box

tC= IS us only based on the Avensis. i posted a thread about that too. here

additionally, tC has not been released with any acronym in mind. although, there has been many theories on what it could mean. AND there was a thread for that too. here.
Not really based on the Avensis, but it shares the same frame & powertrain.
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