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TC Widebody Priced

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Hey guys. for any of you interested in a widebody TC check this link to Krazykustomz The complete 8 pc kit is $1200. not too bad and looks great
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Huh.....I'd like to see it in person....but, at first glance it makes the wheel area look WAY to dominant on the car.

Also, what's up with eyelids? I'm not sure I really understand the point of me they look more weird than a car without them...
yea id like to see it in person...
that's what i saw too.

a red X
would have done more for me.
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yeah... pretty uhh... well... it doesn't really show anything....
Wow, it makes the tC look like a gay cartoon!
Jeesh you guys are all bickerish...

We will debuting actual production pictures after our Project Scion tC debuts in Las Vegas Nov 2-5 at the annual SEMA Show.[/b]
I would have at least expected you guys to say, "Hmm can't judge from the drawing; would have to see some real pictures" or "Can't wait for SEMA"
i like the eyelids!

i'd have to see it in person to judge it. cant expect the actual product to be a mirror image of the conceptual drawing. i'll wait for pics of actual car before i start shooting off at the mouth. (yeah yeah, shut it)

cant wait for SEMA!
i've seen pictures of it on my car unpainted. it looks pretty good, they definitely put a lot of work into this (had my car for about a month) and made some great progress. i will let everyone wait to see it for themselves at SEMA before saying anything.

for one of the first body kits out, its really pretty good
I like the way the widebody kit looks, however I wish they had it in a non-widebody kit. I really like the front minus the flaring on the sides. Overall, looks to be a very nice kit.
ooo yah JZA70, its ur car, man if there was a place doing a body kit id let them do it to mine =), its like free money =), (oh daym kaminari did a kit and they live liek 30 min away , pshhh o well) newayZ i think it looks pretty nice, the back needs a lil work but, its not like horrid or anything
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