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Last night i was on my way home from work and pulled up to a Ricey Grand Am GT V6. This guy thought every one should know he drives a pontiac because he had the big symbol on the back window.... and PONTIAC on the top of the windshield,and so on. Once i got next to him... he heard my music and looked over.. i kept looking strait and reved my engine just a little... the light turned green and i started up pretty quick, but didnt even squeel the tires.. i took first to about 4 k.... 2nd to about 4..... shifted into third and he was about 2 cars back. Just rode out third to about 3.5 k and moved over into his lane and coasted. He ovbiously didnt like getting beat because he was 10 feet from my ass for about a mile, then turned into a driveway. Once again the TC easily beats the V6.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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