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Tc vs. RSX

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In about a month I will be purchasing a new car
either an 06 Tc or an 05 RSX
I'm very picky and can't find many that I really like. My first choice was an RSX until I saw the Tc on the road and when I found out the price and did some research on it, it became a big contender. So I test drove both cars. And I liked both cars. I'm totally torn. Oh, and this would be the BASE RSX because I don't want to drive a manual (unfortunately because I heard the type S is a lot of fun--but also a lot more insurance and 4k more than the base)

My findings:

Tc pros vs. RSX

about $3k Cheaper
Ipod and Mp3 capable
More leg room in the back
reclinable back seats
A little more cabin space
Front seats more comfy
Little bit cheaper insurance (qouted about $20 less a month)
new cool brand vs. same old
able to customize more afterwards

RSX pros vs. Tc

prestige of an acura
Good history of reliabilty and resale whereas Tc has little history to go on
Better passenger side crash test results than Tc
better body integrity (I have heard the Tc paint chips/bubbles a lot)
IMHO smoother, tighter ride with a little better handling
very nice interior
Comes in a lighter color interior so it wouldn't get as hot in the summer and my golden dog hair would blend in more.
A little sportier and more luxurious looking although I also like the way the Tc Looks

There is probably more to compare but I can't think of it right now...

So what do you think? I know you are all Tc fans (so am I) but I want your oppinions anyway. Tell me if you dissagree with what I wrote and why...
Just to let you know, I'm 24/f. Thinking about probably super white Tc or Magnesium RSX.
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coming on a tc forum and asking that what would you expect. the majority here will say a tc. if you go ask that on a rsx forum what do you think? i'll be honest with you, just go test drive both cars and see what you like more. they're both nice choice either way you go.
It's a difficult choice and comes down to personal preference. As far as reliability goes... it's a Toyota. My mom has a Toyota going on 300,000 miles without a single major problem or engine rebuild yet (that says a lot about reliability right there). Personally what made me choose the tC was more room, moonroof is more open, very comfortable, and it was more enjoyable to drive than the bland-ol' RSX. You won't need to worry about resale value a whole lot... it'll do better than RSX's and civics due to limited production.
Oh yeah I forgot to add that--- the Tc's glass roof is a plus and makes the car feel more spacious
and that RSX gets better gas milage.

Also, yes I know I'm on a Tc forum and what kind of answers I will get here, I also posted this on an RSX forum, I'm just trying to get as much info as possible and see if I'm leaving something out that would sway me one way or the other.
my girlfriend had your same prediciment, and me knowing nothing about the RSX i went to their forums and asked.

i think you need to see what you want in a car.... if you want performance, the cars are about equal, even though the RSX peeps say theirs is better....if you want comfort... i think the tC has more creature comforts... the aftermarket for both cars is large... it should come down to your test drives and which you think fits you best
as far as looks, I think about how many girls i've seen driving an RSX. Yeah they look hot. Now when I see a girl driving a tC, man oh man, the car just complements the whole sexy hot girl, hot car deal. on the technical side, think about money, you can use those $3ks for accessories. even if you dont use the $3k in accessories, that's $3k that you wont pay interest on if you're financing, it really adds up. remember the tc was tested without the side airbags and got a 4 star rating. I added the sidebags for even more safety. as far as realiability, my mom drove a camry for 3 years in the city, my dad assumed she changed the oil at least every winter but NOPE. the car didnt get an oil change for three years and it was fine, no damage. and the tC has the camry engine. lastly, i would choose the tC because of originality. yeah thousands of people are flocking for the car now, but its still relatively new and unique compared to the rest.
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so why do you think a girl looks hotter in a Tc than in an RSX?
the RSX handles better and in my opinion the K20 in the RSX is a better platform to mod than the 2AZ.

both are very reliable but Toyota's reliability is better than hondas. the RSX will hold its value better.

that extra 3k is pretty hard to beat, especially when they are such close competitors....its like, what are you getting for the extra 3k in the RSX?

so if you want comfort, more reliability, originality and an extra 3grand...go with the tC

if you want performance and want to mod the car with tried and true parts (rsx has been out longer)...prob have better resale value....go with the RSX
Also think about what the companies do for their customers... Scion puts on a lot of events and the people I've met are great! I honestly don't know if there's anything like that that goes w/ owning an RSX, but I wouldn't think so...
lets not forget the insurance difference between the two. the rsx is considered a high theft risk, and your insurance premium will reflect that.
as far as resale, the used tC's i have had (two) have been priced on the lot about 12-1400 bucks above msrp on a new one. they hold their value fine, at least in california.
and, considering i have taken 4 rsx's in on trade for tC's, i feel i made the right choice in my purchase of a tC.
im sold... gimme a tC!!!
you know i think i might just have to go out and buy of these skion ct's.... lol
what do you think is the ratio of girl tc owners and guy tc owners and ages?
Find the topic where we had a poll asking that exact question. Do a search and you'll find it.
Okay...I had the same problem choosing between the RSX and the tC....and lets just say my tC is orderd and should be here soon!!! Both cars have comparable looks both on the inside and the out, I mean there isnt a HUGE difference. I just think the front of the tC looks alot better than the RSX...but personally I like the more bubbly look compared to the pointy look that the RSX has. Again, they are very comparable and either choice you go with you will be happy with....My friend has an RSX and she lvoes it..but honestly, unless you are going to get the type s....go for the tC.
both nice cars....

quick observation: the rsx feels A LOT smaller when driving it. A bit too cramped for me.

and that's my 2 cents...don't spend it all in one place
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i just wanted to through in there that i was suprised with the excellent build quality of the tC.
when i close all thew windows and sunroof it makes my ears pop because it seals so tight. Just likean expensive mercedes or bmw

i love it

i like the interior better than the rsx..
i heard the rsx was kind of a slug unless you get the type s
im in the same situation you are, and right now the rsx is still on top

but when you come to a tc forum to ask.. what do u expect? there will obviously be a bias
The tC also comes with the First Aid Kit!! Thats what sold me there. You know whats nice about the tC, I drive it around town and people ask what it is, they stop and look at it when its parked. I have walked up to people and they sit there and watch as I drive off. I am starting to see more and more but when I first got it it was one of 3! I have yet to see an IIP driving around, we think mine is the only one sold in my town with that color. RSX is nice Acura is a good company, toyota is a good company, the Japs can make a good car.

Did I mention the neeto first aid kit?

I'm starting to see tC more than any other car on the road including civic in southern california. The white ones are so clean when it's dropped I love it.

I have had a few tC revved at me but I just let them take off and show their gf that they just smoked a RSX by a bus length because gas is too expensive for me to race cars under 200whp
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