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tC vs. Prelude VTEC

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coming home from work my homeboy happened to be on I-80 at the same time i was..gave me the nod for a heads up..rolling start of course (we could have stopped, it was dead) so i downshifted from 4th to 2nd and let the engine run at about 4K rpm and waited for him to get soon as we were, i smashed on the gas took off and slammed into 3rd..i HAD him for about 2 car lengths until his VTEC kicked in and left me in the dust..but it was fun..i knew i was gonna lose, but hey a race is a race..and either way its fun..might i add he has extensive mods while my car is stock..unless u wanna count a carbon fiber TRD emblem..haha..take care guys
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yeah, my mom has a prelude. its mine when she kicks it. thats going to be a fun car to build. the prelude was the first japanese import that caught my eye.
yeah, I raced a prelude last night...the idiot didn't really make it much of a race, though. we were going down a normal street and I saw him from behind, so I caught up and matched speeds with him for a second, floored it to let him know "hey, i wanna race." Then he stayed behind me for a while, then all the sudden he flies by. I didn't even realize he wanted to race...It really pissed me off. When he passed I floored it but couldn't keep up because he was already going so much faster then I was. Idiot races cheap.
I don't like the vtec. almost every other car would acc faster then a prelude but as dwnrytepnoi said he got beat by the prelude. I was going to get teh Acura rsx s-type but when i compared the rsx and the scion tc i was like why does honda even make those. Thats y i got the tC.
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