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tC VS pontiac G6, 80's CRX

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so there i was returning home from the bar after a dissapointing steelers loss, when this ghetto ass crx pulls up to me on my left. we are in a double turn lane, turning left, and i guess he saw me look at his peice because he started revving. he had stock rims, stock tires, a ground effects kit with the hole for the muffler on the opposite side of his pipe, and when he started to take off, it sounded like there was a set of renches banging away in his engine. what a peice. i didnt even try messing with him because i knew it would be a joke so yea.. once we turned, some black pontiac G6 came up from a few cars behind and got ahead like a bat out of hell, i was like whatever im not messing with him. after about 200 yards, theres another light and what a coincidence, it turns red. we are all on line, in a three lane road that turns onto base after about 1000 yards, lots of room. so the g6 pulls out and takes off, slow as heck, not suprising and the crx pops his clutch. i had a freind of mine in my car who was passed out from drinking too much so i was like neh this is a joke forget about it, and took off normally. crx guy restarts and catches up to me and tries to pass me, lol so i figured that was it and dropped gears from 3rd to 2nd and took off. before i knew it, i cought up to the g6, and i guess he thought i was going for it so he went too. all too soon, i was going 110 and barley shifting into 5th gear when i looked back in my rear view mirror and saw the g6 about a car length behind, and the crx like 5 car lengths behind. overall, g6 = slow and heavy. i think the guy in the crx was in high school too. lol.

my record, 3 wins, 1 loss.
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g6 will pwn a must have raced the 4 banger model...Ive ran around with the 230hp v6 g6's for fun on the HWY's and theyre not slow at all...Theyre actually pretty fast sedans...
I wasn't aware that they had released the 240hp GTP g6 coupes already. Usually the ones you see out there are the 200hp GTs. 3400lbs...not too light...must be that glass roof up top...just like our tCs =)
Originally posted by NavyDoc05@Oct 16 2005, 02:42 PM
so there i was returning home from the bar after a dissapointing steelers loss
hahaha. i'm guessing that loss to the steelers was against to the jaguars. too bad for you, but good for me. i'm a big jaguars fan. too bad maddox thru that interception to rashean mathis to end the game. jags 4-2. bye-week.
haha poor stealers..that was a good game.. both teams had key players missing.. turns out jags win :].. and yeah G6's aren't that slow, tc's probably could take them off the line but other then that poof. they're gone
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