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Ok so its about 2 in the morning and im coming home from my girlfriends apt in West Chester, Pa. Im shooting down west chester pike already doing about 60 with no cars behind me at all. All of a suddend i c head lights flying up behind me and im like great this is all i need is a cop pulling my over. So this car just flys right past me. It was a little riced out civic that sounded like crap. I csught him at the next red light and eyed down his car, didnt look like he had anything special done. So hes sitting there revvin up his stuff, so im just just like thats it im racing im. Im not gonna lie he took me off the line, but i pulled on him as soon as I got into 2nd. After hazzards went right on, this dude got his ass handed to him. It was great. So after that he pulls up behind me and starts flashing his high beams, im like o he wants to go again. So were at the next light waiting for it to turn green. When that light turnded, all i got to saw it wow. We both had nice starts, but we didnt go for no 1/4 mile here. This was like a nice mile race. Like I said by the time I was in 2nd gear he couldnt touch me. and it was like that the whole race. And i gotta tell u that made my night.
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