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Tc vs. 95 honda htb b18

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so I'm drive to work on I5 when this primered out hatch pulls aside me... I can hear him riding third gear..I glance over dropped to third and waved in the rearview. He tried at least three times more on US 50 each time was the same result.. just couldn't keep up...talked to him at a gas station he said his clutch was going bad and that he needed new tires
. I just laughed and said better luck next Tc
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Everybody has an excuse when they lose. I'm always amazed at how many guys want to race with "slipping" clutches and bad tires.

My favorite is "I just put the turbo on it, and it isn't tuned yet." So I always have to ask, "If it isn't tuned, why are you racing? Do you have a death wish for your engine?"
haha true
hella true, it just makes me laugh every time i hear a new excuse
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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