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arite so im driving in sacramento on a road that i know pretty well. The lanes change from a 2 lane, to a one lane. So traffic on the right side has to get into the left. Im in the left lane and a van is on the right..i see a white vette pull up behind obviouslly in a freakin hurry to God knows anyway, he starts tailgating me because the van on the right lane is driving a shitload slower then i am..or maybe he was just tailgating me because the guy has a corvette and likes harassing 4 bangers..haha so i accelerate a little and of course he follows even closer..i downshift into 2nd and smash the gas and start to take off..he follows slowly because he was caught off guard..he switches to the right lane after passing the van and we're finally side by almost at redline in 2nd and shift to the third..then we both see the merge arrows pointing to the left telling drivers that the lane is changing into a one..i think im gonna get the lead position but the idiot keeps going, i hit the brakes because its not worth damaging my precious baby..haha the guy prolee felt stupid because i kept up with him..oh well..
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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