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so i recently received a carbon fiber hood from quick down at tCtunerz. i know, everyone here is going to say "what the hell were you thinking, havent you heard about his rep?" (ready, marty... GO!)
well, i have indeed heard his about rep. and, although it may seem difficult to understand given my current nature, i used to have a pretty bad rep for sh!t at one point as well. but every situation is unique, and i refuse to judge people based on internet gossip. besides, i figured there wouldnt be any harm in checking his product out, so i can have an honest opinion of it, and share it with the wonderful people on this site who for some reason or another think my opinion matters. so, i requested one. it took some time, and some doing, but just as it appeared the rep was true and i was getting the shaft, he drove up here and hand delivered it to me. even installed it in the parking lot of my dealership. then there is my review of the hood itself, not of quick as an individual. cause the product is what matter most to me, and if you are really into your car, that should be what matters to you as well. here is my .02 on this hood.

it didnt line up. the gap on the passenger side was wide enough to run the tip of my finger between, while the driver side was a nice fit. the holes tapped for the bolts where a different size and thread, so you cant use your stock bolts. the head on the bolts is too small for the eyes on the hood brackets, making tight fitment impossible until i could get home and implement washers. not too big a deal. figured with the right hardware in place, we could ever so slightly adjust the hood over to even the gap. after 30 minutes, and having to drill out a hole for the prop rod (i know, not a big deal, but its the little details that really make a product stand out) we gave up. not adjustable. and even if it was, it would spread the nice tight gap on the driver side, and would only result in the centering of a hood that was obviously not going to fit. seems as though shrinkage was not accounted for in the mold dimensions. then there is the finish. there are very obvious blemishes in the carbon fiber, including holes in the epoxy and one really bad spot about the size of a silver dollar on the front lip of the hood. the surface itself is scratched terribly, and was not gel coated or UV protected. our best efforts to buff out the scratches failed, and i dont think it was because we dont know how to buff. the areas that did buff out looked great, however. the top layer of carbon fiber wasnt tight against the skeleton, and the resulting flex of the carbon fiber caused a visible vibration (while driving) of the top of the hood, against the under-skeleton. the edges were not rolled over with the carbon fiber, instead the fiber content stopped at the edges and left a very noticeable unfinished surface all around the lip. more noticeable on the upper edge, around the wiper area. it was, however, light in weight. which brings us to the last item. durability. (i will edit this thread with a link to the pics my brother and i took as soon as i am done being a slacker and get them off my camera.) anyway - at one point in a thread on here quick said something about a video of a suburban running over the hood, showing how tough if was. hmm... good thing he didnt do that with this hood. cause it actually began a small crack in the lip by the windshield from just the flex while driving. putting it to the test, we pulled it off and parked my brother's tacoma on it. it splintered like dry wood under a 12 pound sledge. cracked all around the perimeter, where the lack of support for the hood began.

bottom line : for the money quick is asking for his hoods ($699 retail, i think), there should be a higher level of quality. hell, for 350 bucks there should be a higher level of quality. i actually had a guy the other day who saw it ask me when i thought i would be finished making it. there are better products for less money out there, and one for a fact i know of that (contrary to quick's claim) implements a composite skeleton for strength. difference between the two? the protoytpe i saw the other day was actually strong. i mean, the prototype from this shop looked and felt better than the "finished" product from tCtunerz.

pics to be posted later.
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