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tC Stock rims & tires 2 miles on tires

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Never been used, other to roll off boat and on to truck, set of 4 with tires, 600 plus shipping OBO.
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im just curious, what wheels did you put on your tC?
Didn't put any still have stock this is just and extra set that I have acquired
I also now have a used set of 4 with tires, perfect condition, 20,000 miles, rotated every 3500 miles, and I don't burn out for fun. I'll post a tread wear, in a day or so when I can have one of my techs measure them. These are $300.00 plus shipping.
Used set is still availible
will you seperate ? all i need is one wheel and tire please let me know also if you would ship or i can fly in and pick it up if you can meet me at an airport
I just need 1 rim, i don't need the tire or anything else. Please let me know what you'd change for just 1.

I only need one rim and tire, if you might be willing to sell separately that'd be sweet
The new set is going going gone, Still have the used set, Will only sell as set right now, it just makes life so much easier but check back if I get 4 buyers right away I can go ahead and off them one at a time.
looks like you already have three interested parties.
Still have used set, anyone intrested let me know, $300 plus shipping, or $75.00 each plus shipping
do you have pictures of the wheels and tires?
how much for shipping to 98101?
Originally posted by tabooma@Jun 15 2005, 02:25 PM
Still have used set, anyone intrested let me know, $300 plus shipping, or $75.00 each plus shipping
whats the condition of the used wheels?
Condition was great, but they have been sold, thanks all for your intrest....
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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