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TC Sportline Signature Series Aerokit

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I was surfing the web and came across this...i think all yall tC owners would like to see this! Its amazing how the tC is turning far its nothing but a success! Check out the Body Kit on the link below!
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It's like a brick is hanging off the front bumper.
I don't like it either. Not to offend anyone who might think it looks cool, it's waaay over the top and imo rice-lookin.
omfggggg that is the ugliest bumper i have ever seen! please god, dont let the tC become the next civic
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i hope that is designed to be easily torn away when you go over a standard speed bump.
Speed bump!?!?!? I live between the Blue Ridge Mountains ..... just looking at that bumper... it wouldn't survive driving out of the installation shop to the street... nothing is flat around here... I mean nothing!!
it's not that bad. i've seen worse.
Other than the fact that it would add 200lbs to the front of your car (jesus, look at that bumper), I don't think it's too terrible.
oh man that is horrible. The worst thing since....I don't even know what to compare it to...that is just...just...not right
Everytime I see this pic, I swear it should be a Pontiac Grand tC.
Before the pictures loaded I saw that the kit was available for RX8 and TSX - both 25K+ vehicles, so I really hoped for something tasteful. Fooled me again
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Too me it kinda looks like a Pontiac Aztec in the front....just at first glance
I've gotta say, it still beats the pants off of all the others I've seen.
^^^^^^ Still not saying much there.
Originally posted by Labfish@Nov 9 2004, 12:43 PM
^^^^^^ Still not saying much there.
That's what I'm saying.
Ding! Right the first time.
The front end looks like poo, but I like the rear. Gives it a bigger/wider stance.
wow. that sucks.

a bunch.
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