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Do more men or women buy the tc?

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tc sex

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I see mainly guys on the forums. Are there any ladies out there??
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I think it is about even. When I was at my scion dealership the other day, they had pics on the wall of all the people who have bought one at that dealership. There was only a couple more guys then there were gals.
First of all, I'm guessing it's about even....but maybe more guys are into talking about the cars on a website??

Secondly....AWESOME signature, noteri!!!
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Why? Were you hoping for something else when you saw the title? Or is sex just a scary word?
I thought maybe someone tested the practicality of the "unique conversation area"
Haven't had a chance to try out the conversation space yet...
Originally posted by QSJ Ed@Aug 31 2004, 10:34 AM
I thought maybe someone tested the practicality of the "unique conversation area"
That's what I was expecting too...
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Imasaf seemed to like it
You boys just got a little too fired up when you saw the word sex. Hey by the way Imasaf, how you doin?
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AIM me if you want to chat... look at my profile...
I'm a male and all I've seen driving the tC on the road are femals... 4 already! I'm starting to think I bought a chick car... actually, it is a chick magnet tho!!!!
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I have only seen one other tc around town and there was a guy driving it.
I've seen three tCs on the road in Atlanta, and they were all driven males who looked to be in their late teens or early twenties (in other words, Toyota appears to be reaching its desired market). I also saw a tC in the service drive when I took mine to the dealership the other day, and there was a woman standing nearby, although I couldn't tell whether it was actually her car...
I've only seen one tC that wasn't Damon's around town, and it was parked at a house. No clue if it was a guy or girl.
I'm 23/female...and I've only seen guys driving the TC
dont know... there needs to be an option for both... my dealership is about half and half.
I'm still waiting for my scion tC to arrive but I'm a woman. I have no idea what the buyers are split up as. I know that everytime I've seen a Scion out here (Colorado), there aren't many and I've only seen males driving.
Originally posted by QSJ Ed@Aug 31 2004, 09:34 AM
I thought maybe someone tested the practicality of the "unique conversation area"
Same here, the reclining rear seats makes it sound very feasible. Around here all I see are girls/women driving them.

Funny story:
I was looking for a tC to demo products on and a few times I saw them at first I would try and flag down the driver (females of course) and they wouldn’t look and speed off. I figured they thought i was trying to hit on them...
I have heard of both girl and guy tC drivers in my are... but I've only seen two.. one was a guy who wrecked it, and the other is a guy I saw twice... waved, he waved back. I'd say its about even!
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