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Just recieved this morning, test fit it in the car, not bolted down, looks dang cool as heck:) We found we can use one with a welded in angle bar and no harness bar to save a few pounds for our SM class autocross tC so this is being sold and a new bar ordered right away.
The second bar down from the top but and has the SCCA required head restraint strap like the bar above it does.

No pics but if you search for Taeks roll cage you will see mostly how it looks, alot like the back half of his cage. We made arrangements for Taek to have his car used for the prototype:)

This is great for somebody that needs back seat access most of the time as the removable parts make it very easy to get into and out of the car. Our back seat will seldom be in the car or used so we can live with a fixed unit.

Retail price is $559.85 plus frieght.

It can be yours, all hardware included, never bolted down, $399 plus shipping.

If in our area you can pick it up and save as shipping is a bit costly since has to go by freight due to size restrictions.


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sweet, rick. we will be needing one for our project tC. thats great news, because moriarty and i have been looking for the stuff we need, this is one thing i was wondering where to find. thanks for the info. i will most likely order one from you.
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