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tC performance

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I am considering buying a tC, but I was wondering what you guys thought about its performance? Currently, my car has a 3.1 160 h.p. 185 ft/lbs torque(I know that's not that great for such a big engine). Anyways, the last thing I want to do is downgrade in performance because I already think my car is too slow. One issue I want to bring up is the difference between an auto and stick. Do sticks seem faster because you are more in control and that is why my auto seems so slow? Also, if I opt for the supercharger will the extra 40 horses really make that big a difference? I know it isn't built to be a street racer, but I don't want to feel like there is a lack of power if I should need it.
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yeah... that current car of yours doesn't seem to pack the punch for the displacement..... i dont think you'll be downgrading when it comes to performance.... the tC is pretty decent when it comes to power... and with the low gearing in the 5spd you can jump off the line, and find youself going 90 with out even trying....

as for the reason why autos seem slower is because they slip.... manual transmissions slip too.. but you control how much it does with the clutch pedal... so if u pop the clutch.. you can jump off the line faster... so i guess manual's are faster in that aspect....

dont know anything about superchargers other than it makes the car go faster....

hope this helps you a little... im sure lance will come here and correct me and provide you with better anwsers
With the 5-speed gearing of the tC it will be very close if not a tad quicker than your current ride, unless your current thing (looks like some sort of GM vehicle) is 2500lbs and has a 6-speed.

The biggest difference between auto and 5-speed tC is gear ratios. 5-speed is definitely geared for acceleration, while 4A is more of a cruising tranny.
Well, you were right it is a GM and it definitely does not weigh 2500 pounds especially with all the weight added by the two 15"s in an heavy box with two amps. That should also improve my decision as when I buy the tC it will only get lighter not heavier.
i think you will be fine performance-wise. a lighter car with the same HP output is going to be faster. thrust to weight ratio is all HP.
yes, there will be a noticeable difference to you if and when you slip a s/c on there. 40 HP is 25% of the stock power.
BTW, we have no real numbers on the supercharger as it is in constant delay due to the tedious and near-impossible process of CARB approval.
i think it's plenty fast. Of course i upgraded from a 1.5 liter civic
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The auto is slower because of taller gear ratios and more power loss in the driveline. From what I've seen the stock 5spd tC is dyno'ing at about 140hp, while the stock auto tC is about 130.
i'm thinking of getting a tc as current car is a 2000 accord v6 coupe and it eats gas like good on gas are the tc? gas is killing me haha i hope power wise the tc can have some good low end with the auto (i can't drive stick =/) and the tc is lighter than the accords so should feel better take off?
Does anyone know what the 1/4 mile times are for the 5speed?
mid 15's
high 15's...... I couple people I've seen have broken 15.7, but not many.
Not too bad, but nothing to write home about. Im guessing the supercharger will drop that to high 14s.
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