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tC in grille

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Can one of you photoshop pros do a girl a favor???
I want to see what it would look like if you put the tC emblem in the grille instead of the scion logo. That shouldnt be too hard right???
Thanks ya'll!
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yea, but she wanted a good chop
Now boys...... play nice. I think it was a pretty good chop. It gives me a good idea of what it would look like. Im not sure how much i like it tho. What do ya'll think????
lol sorry... it'd be easier if i had my own tC to work with
alright gonna have to steal phungy's car to do this right..

and phungy if you don't want me using your car just tell me i'll get rid of it
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see, that makes it look nice.

i wouldnt do that to my car, but yea, its kinda nice
It looks good, but it's unique. I say go for it.

ive seen people with that, but they usually have the grillcraft grill and they either put the TRD or tC sign on it
so is this a good chop now?... higher standards than i expected
hahah i thought the first one was not bad, just effortless.. second one more effort.. nice job
lol your right.. but i didn't think anyone would say anything..
good job

and u can use ed's car anytime, he love to have his car shown everywhere
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Here's 2 pics of my grill with a tc emblem on it, that was about 2 months ago though, I changed it now..

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haha some1 actually did it
no more photoshop, woot
very unique
wow I really like how that grille looks with the silver!
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