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tC Ground Effects Kit

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I don't have everthing up yet, but the primered pieces of the Scion Ground Effects kit are now available separately and the link has a partial pic on the car. I don't think we'll put all of it up, but some people wanted the front lip, so here it is. Later

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Hey thanks Ken. I'll wait about a month or two to get it. I have to save a little...too many bills
Okay, we just sold the first one to g........ in Chicago and we should have pics and install comments in about two weeks. I'll let you know how it goes.

Thats HEAVYG Ken....thanks again. Looking forward to it.

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Now I know I can replace just that part in case I rip mine off on a curb or something. Thanks for the heads up...

will you guys be offering painted pieces of the lip in the future?
and would someone be able to tell me what the difference in ground clearance is with and without the lip?
thanks in advance
Looks cool! Great price too! I will be purchasing in the spring. I miss my tC already.... winter sux!
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