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Hey all, new to the forum, I am planning on getting a Scion Tc2 again (2011-2013) and I'm trying to plan my build this time around and want yall's opinion.

My last one had a piggyback ECU tuned for 91octane and that was it, but this time around I want to eventually swap in a 2GR-FE to make some better power, I want to keep it automatic and FWD (Gonna call it something Tacky like Tc Elise 😂) I've seen tons of people discussing the possibility with the Tc1 and manual swapping etc...

But I haven't found anyone who's done it to the 2nd gen, and as far as I can tell it's about as plug and play as an engine swap can get. I have access to a shop (no lift) and most tools necessary, and a professional welder buddy.

Also would love to hear any suggestions on mods I can do in the mean-time that I can keep when I eventually swap.

P.S. I'm going to get a 3D artist to render a proper model of the aesthetique look I want to go for so I can show it to you guys, plus I have a local custom bodyshop renowned for their quality builds.
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