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tC at the Edge

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Last night, I found myself driving on some of the same roads that I did when I would road test Mazda's 5 days a week/8 hours a day. So I thought I'd try and push the tC around various curves like I would RX-7s, RX-8s, 6s, Proteges, Miatas and all the other Mazdas.

First - the tC is a very confidence inspiring car - right up to the point of understeer. I feel that once the understeer comes in, it comes in fast. I found myself hitting corners, trying to pull the nose in, and watching it quickly drift out. However, with some lifting off the throttle, and maybe a little brake, the car straightens itself out quickly. I scared myself a little bit last night though, and was slightly disappointed... which leads me to ask:

To those who have upgraded various suspension parts, how do they affect understeer in highly aggressive turning situations? Which parts will help me the most? I'm considering the sway bar, springs, and tie bar.

In conclusion, I was very impressed with the handling of my car, but it left me wanting a little more. Compared to most of the Mazdas I drove, the tC is a winner. Even the RX-8 would come out with some serious understeer at times. But at least you could kick the tail out with a little gas and a lot of revs. Thanks all for any input!
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Ed, I would recommend the rear-sway it will help keep the back end firm and flat through corners. It seems to me in my travels that once the tC is quite nose heavy and will tend to push itself through corners (understeer) because the back flex's can cant keep the car stable. From what i've read, and seen......the rear sway will be most beneficial to you as a first mod. - t
yup...if I'm not mistaken that's that 60-40 weight distribution kicking in. I'm planning on getting the sway as a first mod also.
We studied this thing in our class when I went to advanced handling school:
called traction circle. Explained a lot of things to me.
wow....too tired to read and actually understand it...will take a stab tomorrow....good night all.
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