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TC Alarm Wiring Tech Sheet

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Thought you all would enjoy this. If you need any help or have any questions feel free to ask. DO NOT USE A TEST LIGHT OR "COMPUTER SAFE" PROBE TO TEST WIRES!!! ONLY USE DIGITAL MULTIMETER!

Wiring Guide for Scion TC 2005 2Dr Hatchback

Wire Color Location Polarity
Battery Red Ignition Harness +
Ignition 1 Blue Ignition Harness +
Ignition 2 Yellow Ignition Harness +
Starter 1 Black Ignition Harness +
Starter 2 Green Ignition Harness +
Door Trigger Blue Left side of Fuse Box -
Parking Lights Brown Top of Fuse Box +
Key Sense Black* Ignition Harness -
Tach Black ** AC
Lock Purple 20 pin Driver Kick -
Unlock*** Green 20 pin Driver Kick -
Parking Brake Black Parking Brake Switch -
Brake Wire Blue Brake Switch +
Reverse Lights Pink Top of Fuse Box 14 pin +
LF Window up Yellow Driver Door Switch REV POL
LF Window Dn Pink Driver Door Switch REV POL
RF Window Up Yellow Driver Door Switch REV POL
RF Window DN Green Driver Door Switch REV POL

*Facotry Security uses an immobilizer that requires a transponder to bypass for remote start. Use valet key for transponder.
*Also disarms factory security.
**Tach is found in the sata connector under dash, PIN #9 or at the uncommon wire at fuel injector.
***Unlock requires double pulse to unlock all doors and hatch. Wires purple and green show very little voltage drop when
tested with digital multimeter.
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nice wiring list i might need it soon thanks
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