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TC accessories worth the $$?

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Hey all,

I'm considering buying at new TC at the local dealership.
It currently only has the airbags as an installed extra option. He said you can add all kinds of accessories if you want. I am really wondering if these accessories are really worth it for them to install or if I should just buy them and install them myself after the fact. Also I am not sure of the quality of these after market vendors. These are the specific options I'm considering:

Front Strut Tie Bar by Hotchkis Performance ($225)
Exaust System($525) how is this different from the TRD sport muffler?
AEM Cold Air Induction ( no price)
Scion Security?? ($469) really gives no description as to what this exactly is
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Strut bar you can get much cheaper and install yourself.
Don't know the differences between the exhaust options you're referring to, but the TRD exhaust is a DIY job (cheaper again).
Cold induction...can't see why you couldn't do it yourself.

And the Scion Security...I would skip that altogether. For the price, you can get a much better alarm.

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Buy online from a place like TRD Sparks.
Yeah if you get the exhaust buy it yourself, the dealer charges like 525 i think and i bought mine for 375 including shipping, installed myself in like 30 min. The dealer wanted $80 bucks an hour and said it would take abour 2 hours. Yeah i'd recommend buying it from ken at trdsparks.
Damn the exaust only took you 30 min? Do you have a lift? What all does that involve?
If your car is not lowered it is possible to swap the exhaust without lifting the car at all. It is two 14mm bolts and 3 hooks. That is all.
oh yea, I guess when I tried to do it the last time I couldnt get the bolts off because they were rusted so bad. I ended up taking a hacksaw to it and replace the whole system from the cat back.
I agree with the other guys on this one. I'd also suggest some suspension upgrades like springs and the TRD or Hotchkis sway bars ( I have the TRD, don't know how different the Hotchkis is, but they're a reputable company), took me 20 min to install and got it waaaay cheap from I'd suggest to buy all your stuff online, at once so you can save on the shipping. In my experience, Ken will make your transaction pleasent and great. You'll notice more of a difference in handling from the rear sway bar than from the front strut bar, so I'd suggest to go either with the sway or both. The AEM cold air intake is pending CARB approval, so you can't buy it anywhere at this point. To my knowledge, Weapon R, K&N and Injen made CAI's or short ram intakes for the tC, you'll have to check them out as an alternative to the AEM. If you get an exhaust upgrade, I'd go for a cat-back for about the same price that the dealership charges for an axle-back. Sure, it's sounds real nice, but it's not worth the ~$500. If you REALLY want it, buy it online and install it yourself, like the other guys said. And don't get the scion security, BIG waste of money. You can buy a Viper alarm or something similarly superior for basically the same $$$. Good luck!
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Yeah the trd exhaust was so easy, my friend had Rhino ramps so it lifted the car a few inches. The bolts were a pain to get off, you really have to put your body into it to turn those bolts. But i think the hardest part was being patient with the rubber hangers. Soap water and patience.... I cut my finger open on the back part of the stock exhaust tip. So finger repair was factored into my 30 min, you seriously could do it in 15.
awww, you got a boobooo
i was thinkin about a TRD exhaust too. does the dealer ship really charge 80 an hour? if i do install myself what about the warrenty? cuz my car is brad new. thanks guys didnt want to start a new topic
You will not void your warranty by installing the muffler yourself.
but you may void your manhood if you do pay 80 dollars an hour to have it done for u
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I'm very happy with the sound of my TRD exhaust. I didnt install it myself because I wanted to finance the cost and the only way to do that is pay for the dealer to install it. So for a couple extra bucks a month I'm glad. I'd skip the security like everyone else said. I would buy springs from ken. It is possible to do them yourself. The AEM isnt released yet thats why there is no price. If you asked for that it might delay the delivery of your car. Strut tie bar.... well it looks cool and for cars that have had their full suspensions upgraded to race specs then the body flex might become an issue but untill you decide to race prep your car its almost purely cosmetic. I would buy the rear sway bar as everyone else recommended. It makes a difference as far as body roll is concerned. As far as cold air intakes are concerned.. I would buy the injen. That way you have a choice between short ram and full cold air. Thats my $.02
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i know this is off subject but has anyone order from racing solutions before? the shipping for the TRD exhaust is only 15 bucks. im just wonder if this site is bull. if it isnt it will be a pretty good deal

If you can get it for that I'd jump on it. The box weighs 46 pounds and it's 48" by 48" by 7". The UPS shipping rate comes up between $80 and $93 depending on where it's being shipped. If this guy will guarantee that he is only going to charge you $15.00, that's a good deal.

Everything what pyroman2000 said.
The cost to ship your order, Scion tC TRD AxleBack Exhaust, will cost $15.

that what the site caculator said. But has anyone order from them before?

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