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TC 2.0 RS?

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just wondering if anybodys has information about the tc rs 2.0? i went to and umm their having new scion editions coming out and if anybody has pics or info on it please post it thanks
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Thank you for searching. Jake would be proud.
the information in those threads is pretty good. i got confirmation on that a few days ago.
even the seats? would they be in any way interchangable with stock seats w/side airbags? ... for future reference ...

and the sub.. any more info on that? or should i just stick to waiting for alpman's enclosure?
>  tC Release Series 2.0  "Sport Luxury"  Exterior color 8Q1 "Blue Mica
>  Metallic" (Unknown if they will rename)

>  Package is slated to contain:  Woven grille, unique alloy, wheel finish,
>  premium audio, w/color tuned surround, Pioneer subwoofer, Alcantera seats,
>  side curtain airbags, security w/radar sensor.

>  Production:  March-April '06[/b]
that is what i have

no pictures, no other data.
i see. thnx for sharin the info! that sub intrigues me.. small 8inch perhaps to leave room for the spare? definitly gonna take a trip to a dealership once those get here.

and anyone know what color tuned surround? never heard of that before...
I was assuming it's the same bazooka sub you can get right now.
wow.. quick replies.. slow day at work.. wait.. work? is it only in IL where it's apparently illegal or something for car dealerships to be open on sundays?

sorry for goin off topic, just bored here at home waiting for a friend to give me a call to find some spots for decent pictures, trying to keep myself from falling over and knocking out on the floor...
I understand scion is going to copy Mazda's winning blue color for the RS 2.0

seriously it's a great choice even though they should have some other non-bland colors (like copper red) in their standard color options, after all they are not targeting camry buyers with the tC
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apparently, you would be surprised.
I understand that Mazda has not copied Toyota's winning strategy of building better products and selling more vehicles. Oh, man, and now Toyota has "Mazda's winning blue color" as well? Oh, wow, that's too bad.
So how much more would you have to pay to get this RS2 ? interesting it also comes with SABs standard, security system, a subwoofer and better seats (fake leather?). Gosh it almost matches the standard equipment of the RSX or mazda3 GT, but of course now it costs more

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Yes -- Toyota realizes, like other companies, that some people are stupid enough to buy options just because the manufacturer tells them to.

BTW, give your tired BS about the tC having an inferior option list to the other cars in its class a rest. You're not fooling anyone. Anyone who cares to know -- including the reviewers -- knows that the tC has a much better list of standard features than anything else at the price.
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so it's about 4 grand extra just to get the cool color ?
God, you are an idiot.
Originally posted by user1234@Jan 8 2006, 09:16 PM
so it's about 4 grand extra just to get the cool color ?
Incredibly astute observation. No, it's to get a car built by the world leader in the cool color. They believe in offering their product at unreasonable prices with absurd options because that's what they suspect the motoring public wants.
Originally posted by kurker@Jan 9 2006, 02:00 AM
<<<--- Idiot who got duped by Toyota's marketing dept. just for a cool color.
And I probably would've as well if it had come out early enough.
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