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tallest tire on 18

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ok, im not buying rims for performance, i was thinking about 19 inch wheels just because they look nice but this is going to be a daily driver. so an 18 inch wheel with taller tires sounds good to me, alot of road work going on around here and the last thing i need is another vehicle i have to drive around manhole covers.
im wondering whats the tallest/ widest tire i can go without rubbing? speedo calibration doesnt mean much to me, the 19's look nice to me because they fill up the wheel well, the problem is the tires aspect ratio, i dont want rubberbands
for tires. can anyone help me out?
sorry if this thread is a little jummbled up. if you dont understand the question ill lay it out nice a n d....s l o w.
what is the largest diameter and width tire available for an 18x7 or 18x8
wheel, that will not rub?
thanks for any info.
btw i did some searching but maybe not enough...maybe not the right keywords.

heh heh bling bling!
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18x7 would be a 225/40/18 for the widest tire. For the 18x8 a 245/35/18 is all the tC can hadle. Any wider with that setup will rub the fenders. I know I use 245/35/18 and it still rides nice but I can tell you it's maxed out for size.
thanks, i wish i didnt have to buy such low profile tires, im used to 245/50/16's,but i did find this calculator,

maybe playing with this can give me a better idea,
thanks again for the info
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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