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Well today I went to Sound Advice aka Tweeter, and looked at some subs, well the sales man and I started talking and we got talking and decided on a couple things to do to the ride. This is what he suggested and decided on:

13" W6
500 Watt JL Audio Amp
Custom Fiber Glass Box

That installed would come out to be about $1300 - $1500 depending on the custom box and everything.


12" Kicker Comp VX
750 Watt Kicker ZX Amp
Custom Fiber Glass Box

That installed would come out to be $800 - $1000, Reason being it would be cheaper is because I work at Circuit City and get good discounts on Kicker once a year!

Right now I am leaning towards the Kicker cuz I like Kicker a lot. Also I do want to enter contest and I think I would be better off with the Kicker. Just want to see what everyone else thought.
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I say go for the kicker.
Get the kicker... Cheaper and still way better than stock!
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Yep had me a set of kickers get alpines now love those!
the JL w6 would annoy you after a while and you're gunna want to turn it down anyways, so dont waste ur money and go with kicker! kicker is good stuff too. my friend has a w3 12in in his civic and his amp is at 1/8th its potential and that is still alot of bass
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