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System hook ups

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Im putting in a 1200 watt system soon after i get my tC (dealer says sunday) so what do yall think ill need?

1. Are there Power wires run for the bazooka?
2. Wheres the best ground
3. Whats the best way to run the Power?
4. Wheres the best place for a speaker level imput wire to run to?
5. Does the stock Head Unit come with a remote wire?

Anything on the subject would be helpful, thanks.
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1) no. the wire harness for it comes with the bazooka, so there is no existing power line.

2) my ground for my amp is in the spare tire well, under the foam inserts, drilled in to ground to the chassis.

3) there is a rubber grommet through the firewall on the passenger side. with a little work, my 4 gauge power wire fit nicely. then run it under the panels under the dash, under the inner door sill, to where you are sticking your amp.

5) the stock deck has no remote wire run yet. if and when you install the stock deck, run your remote wire under the dash and along the same path as the power wire. worked perfect for me.
The head unit has no adapter for the Remote, but does it have the RCA plug in?????????????? i know what im doing but im thinking about having my system put in professionally....... seeing that its a BRAND NEW CAR. what u think?!
You'll need a low level converter. The bazooka uses a high level input. The converter is about $20 at Circuit City. An amp install at Circuit City is roughly $64 unless you add a cap or something like that. You say 1200w; is that rms or driving really fast down a hill and getting struck by lightning twice? Sorry. I'm not poking fun just asking a question.

Edit: Didn't read your signature the first time. Why are you wasting an mrdm300 on kenwoods? Please. I'll cut you a deal on something better. And what's this speaker level input stuff. Come on.
Thanks for the info, inevitable. And im wasting 2 mrdm300's on 4 im just ghetto(proof: hooked the rear spkrs to the rcas on the mrd when i had one mrd and 2 kenwoods. AND it was in a jeep, with a soft top....bolted down) And outta cash after i buy my tC.... What do you sugest, sarsipius? 2 more kenwoods for 130 or 2 alpines for 400? I would take the alpines if i was going with a whole new system. Thanks again for the info:)
okay, i should have added this as well. it seems you are running the stock deck and front speakers. cool enough. on the back of the stereo there is a plug, and in the plug there is a pin missing. this is where your remote power wire would be if it had one. since it doesnt, run it from your amp, along that path, under your dash, and connect that remote wire in the hole in the plug. presto! your amp powers up with your stereo.
also, running that amp and speaker set up, i think you should be running 4 gauge power and ground wires. in that case, you will need a junction box to run your 4 gauge into, and an 8 gauge out the other side of the junction box to the amp.
hope that helps.
Yeah my bro had 4 10s and 3 amps and he used 4gauge. thanks for the remote info!
How about some infinty kappa perfects for $100 a pop plus shipping?
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thanks but no thanks, dont like infinity.
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