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System Cutting out

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Got a problem with the system in my car. I got the system installed by a reputable audio store here in Orlando. The sub is a Kicker Solo-Baric S12L5, the box is a ported box, and the amp is an older Pioneer GM-X862. Problem is, if I'm running the music at a good thump (about level 50 on "Feel" mode), after about 5 min, the sub starts to cut out.... takes a few minutes and then comes back on. I just want to figure out what the problem is. The amp is an older amp my friend gave to me, so I was thinking it might just be too old. The amp puts out 380 RMS, but the guys at the shop installed 8 gauge wires, I guess that handle up to 300w? So I'm not sure if its because the amp is just old, or if I need 4 gauge wiring because its not getting enough power, or if its something misc like bad ground. If anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated.
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Here are some possiablities:

Your amp is over heating and cutting off to go into safe mode, this is what it sound like is happening, its cuttong back on when it cools down. Try taking your settings off "feel" mode. I have mine on Hear and it thumps pretty hard (I also have a bigger system) Turn your gains down a little too. You might be pulling more than the amp can handle.

8 gauge wire should be big enough for 300 watts. Feel your wire if its getting extreamly hot upgrade to 4 gauge. 4 is the standard really. I run 0 in mine.

Just make sure you have enough air reaching that amp. Amps can create a lot of heat.

Yeah make sure you replace that wire quick if it melts its a b*tch to clean up plus it can catch your ride on fire. Try getting like an HK800D amp or HK2000D amp if the subwoofers can handle it.
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