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Sweet Car, Bad Photos...

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I felt it was about time I took some pics of my '05 silver streak metallic 5MT tC and posted them here, but at the time I went to shoot them I realized I forgot my camera (was at my cousin's place upstate), and ended up using my phone's camera. As such, I apologize for the incredibly junktastic photos--I did my best to make them sort of acceptable.

I know there's people on 56K, and also people on broadband, so the images on this post were limited in size for 56K users, and broadband users can click on the images to zoom in.

Mods that are already installed:
Factory ground effects kit
TRD short throw shifter
TRD sport springs
TRD rear antisway bar on, "race," setting
TYC LED rear tail lamps
Hotchkis front strut tower bar
Umnitza carbon fiber intake
Privat Profil wheels by Konig (18x8.5" +32mm offset)
Avon Tech M550 tires (225/45/18)
Wilwood front big brake kit with forged billet SuperLite 4-pot calipers (140-9013) in black and 13" SRP vented and crossdrilled rotors (yes, I know, the GT rotors, which are slotted, are less likely to crack, but I'm no autocrosser, just street driving/daily commuter)
Wilwood braded front brake lines
tC emblems on the fenders
Alta Performance Mini billet short antenna (with the ugly little sticker removed; not in the photos)
OBX mesh shift knob
WeatherTech license plate covers

But, without further ado, the photos (for now, until I take some shots with my real camera)...

Front brake kit and Privat wheels

Rear with stock brakes

Front wheel gap with wheel turned in slightly

Front wheel gap with wheel turned out slightly

Rear wheel gap

Umnitza intake shots

If you see this plate, give a quick honk and wave!

Mods I'm still waiting on:
Custom-fabbed rear Wilwood brake kit by Precision Brakes Company with forged billet DynaLite 4-pot calipers and 12.9" SRP rotors (Precision Brakes is still fabbing this)
Wilwood braded rear brake lines (will ship with the custom rear kit)
RetroHID custom-fabbed front headlamps with BMW E46 bixenon projectors, bulbs and ballasts, Range Rover shrouds and white LED angel-eyes and Sylvania SilverStar highbeam (still tentative on whether or not he can do something to hide the amber side marker; he's about half done retrofitting the thing)
50% tint (can anyone recommend a good place in the NY metro area for getting this done?)


EDIT: Added links.
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1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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