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Sway Bar Set - Hotchkis

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Wanted to let everyone know that the truckload (small truck) of Hotchkis Sway Bars have arrived. We have 7 sets left and they are on backorder at Hotchkis. The early reviews are good from those that have put them on.

Mention yoursciontc in the 'special instructions' section and get another $10 off.

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thanks for another deal, and the useful info.. do you know how adjustable they are?
Says on the site:

"Front Bar- 15/16” (24mm)- 2 Position Adjustable
Rear Bar- 1 1/16” (27mm)- 3 Position Adjustable "

As far as what percentages of additional stiffness we're talking, that's a good question.
Thanks for the offering the special discount Ken!
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Where would you attach the front sway bar to? I couldn't see it doing much in the way of suspension upgrade? It's stiff in the front to begin with.
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