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sway bar question

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Just got a quick question. I want to know how hard it is to install a rear sway bar in this car by myself. I dont believe its too hard but do i have to get a alignment done to the car afterwards? Also I believe the front sway bar involves alot more work, am I right? Would i have to remove parts of the front suspention? And again would I need to get an alignment done to the car afterwards.

Also I just ordered the toyota front strut bar from ken's website and I wonder who is the manufacturer of this part? dc sports? hotchkis? trd?

Thank you for your time.
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The rear sway would be easier from the front, from what I've heard. No alignment needed. And the toyota front strut bar is a Hotchkis.
thank you labfish, i really appriciate it.
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No prob. BTW I don't know if you'd see much handling improvement with a front sway bar. Lo bux? I did a DC sports strut tower even though it's mainly cosmetic for the engine compartment. The rear sway and lowering springs do more suspension-wise.
It'll probably feel better if you have an aversion to body roll. Roll doesn't bother me much, but some people don't care for it so they feel more in control with less body roll.

It's usually good to disconnect sway bars for drag racing, but that's a different discussion.
For the weight? Or do you need the body to flex a little when dragging?
Not for weight, it lets the tires hook up better by letting them move independently.
Thread revival, I know.

I put my rear sway on this afternoon. Did anyone seem to have problems hooking up the UPPER screw on the brackets? I found it hard to crank those things down (mainly because of the allen head).... But I'm worried about the overall install. The end connecting rods were a SERIOUS PITA to get on, and again, I feel like they're holing on by just enough threads to get through the nut holding them on.

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