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SW changed to BSP

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This is what I'm hoping my car will look like...

And this was the original (From "Spray" on Scionlife)

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looks better white imho
The original car looks so ugly.
Looks better without all that crap on it.
white looked better without the buddyclub hood and the smoke head
I think it looks great. black or white , either way you go is awesome. If you put both in front of me , id have a hard time picking .make sure you spray your tails too. I am planning to spray my tails and front lights and side markers., but kinda worried I will not be able see very well after is sprayed.
$$$, although zolitz is good, the darkenss i want with him is gonna prolly cost me like 125 overall. spray, 12 bux,clearcoat 4 bux , some sand paper. at most 20 bux and i can do headlights too. headlights and tails tinted and side markers gonna cost me over 200.Im not gonna be trading in the tc. My brother is taking it in 3 years so.
u can get a roll of those tint for like 35buck and u can choose the darkness
yea, but i really don't know how to go about it. For nightshades, I have a friend who has done it and will help me do it. I wish I can tint, who doesn't, but the spray looks like a more realistic possibility.
are those headlights illegal? i would think so...
yeah its illegal, my friend's Z, he tinted his headlight REAL dark, now hes like, i cant see ####... thats y hes goin for some HID soon, btw he got the base model so he dont have any HIDs
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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