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Originally posted by PeteyP@Jul 12 2005, 04:44 PM
Hey guys, I'm about to be a Scion owner but not sure what I want to do with the suspension. I have a Honda Civic now dropped on coil overs with 40 profile tires, and rides rough as can be. Can't stand it anymore. So does anyone know if the 18's and TRD springs and struts will give me the same problem. I know they're springs not coil overs, so should be better, but with a 40 profile tire, it's gonna be pretty dang bumpy i thought. Also, do u think with that setup a long with the ground effects kit, that i'll bottom out over bumbs or rub the fenders? Any feedback would be much appreciated...BTW, love this site, u guys are great!!
Hi Petey,

Welcome to our tC world. Here's some info on the TRD Suspension on our site as well as Hotchkis. Hope that helps.

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