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Supercharger or Turbocharger?

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hey guys.. i need some feedback to from the tc owners. i own a black sand pearl automatic tc. im hoping to tune up the engine soon.. but before i do anything.. is it better to supercharge it or turbo if you have an automatic?? if answered.. can ya also provide recommended companies?? thanks! and all i have done is the trd axleback tuned exhaust to my car.

up coming mods:

TRD shocks, springs, and sway bar set.
18' rims and toyo all season ultra tires.
kaminari body kit w/ ajustable wing
cold air intake and headers
supercharge or turbocharge??
tinting windows 30-35% because thats my state law(how gay)

basically im going for TRD
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Lots of claims about developing a system, nothing you can buy today. It's also unlikely it will be cheap or easy to install.
CAI and headers = pointless for a turbocharger, so don't even waste the money if you go that route.

Also listen to lo bux, for he is our god.
man, i know lo bux. he doesnt need you to inflate his head.

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Just give him some string cheese to play with n' he'll be deflated.
really now, what is this string cheese obsession?
Had something to do with spark plug wires.
oh, yeah. replacing the wires with string cheese. i forgot how good a conductor cheese is.
So good it can be used to emergency deflate lo-bux from over-fawning.
unlike greg's mom
I prefer a turbo with low to mid boost applications, something that spools around 3500rpm's, can be cheaper to install than a superchrager
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