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SuperCharger Insatllation Instructions

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For those that would like an idea of what's involved to install the S/C, the installs are in the upper right hand corner of the page.

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printed a copy and handed it to my lead tech. that way he knows what he's getting into as soon as they are available.
Any idea how much this will cost installed from Maita, Damon?
not yet, i am working on that this week so we can be ready to go when the s/c arrives. i'll post it up as soon as i know.
I would also like to see dyno results after installation
i will do that as soon as i get it on mine, and up to sierra college.
Are you planning on installing this yourself, damon, or are you going to have your service dept do it?
i think i want to keep my factory engine warranty a bit longer. this one goes to service, especially since its a new part.

edit : i have a tech in the back that will let me work with him, so i guess i am still kinda installing it, a little.
How many miles do you have on your car?

If I bought the supercharger I'd probably upgrade to the extended warranty (I can still do that, right?).
^^^you can still do that but, the cost will be a little different than purchasing the warranty when you did the deal.

There are a couple options to get the warranty after the fact. one is through toyota and the other is through CNA. If you can get me the date you bought your car and the exact miles I can get you that pricing information.
Mori, look, these guys are selling Toyota extended warranty online:

And sorry to go offtop, but can you do a rough estimate on a tC purchased 7/20/05 that has 15K miles? Platinum, $0 deductible, 7yr/100K.

And can you confirm (like 100% confirm) that Toyco extended warranty covers TRD parts...
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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