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Sunroof roll back cover

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My sunroof roll back cover bows down on the driver side when pulling it back. Not real bad but annoying. I'm thinking of just removing the shades and tinting the sunroof darker. Anyone else have this issue?
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Mine sags if left in the heat, also on driver side. And yes, I'm also planning to tint it 15% or maybe 5%, but I'm keeping the shades.
I thought just removing them. It is just annoying. Besides, the roof already weighs enough so anything I can remove from up there will be better.
Interesting cause my sags sometimes ... never knew what the problem was.
Mine never sags. Nyah, nyah.
Oh, it will..... (laughs maniacally)
(laughs maniaclly too)
i've left mine open the whole 3 months i've had the car.. never closed it.. so no saggin.. x)
Yea, that's what the wife keeps telling me to do. BAH! What good is listening to your wife!?!?! (Gets hit upside head) Just kidding, honey....
My roll back doesn't sag but the whole thing came loose and how it doesn't even roll anymore. Is there a way to fix it?
Vinyl sunroof shade has partially fallen out

:( I'm trying to figure out a way to fix it. It's very annoying that I can't really close my shade because it just starts pulling out of the plastic handle. Is there anyway to fix this?

Any advice would be great!
better description and pic probably would help...
and try and pop it back in
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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