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Subs question

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Hey whats up Alpman, im the guy who saw you at the shell gas station in Modesto a couple weeks ago....I gotta say you have a pretty clean tC! that sound system is pretty crazy ... okay back to my question, today i got a hook up from my friend, he gave me two 12" Soundstream Rubicon subs in a box and one by itself. Im a noob when it comes to speakers so i need a little help on this one!!! are these decent subs? . Anyways, i was just wondering if i would need a new deck to handle one sub. i thought about it and i said that i dont need 2 subs, so im just going to run one of them and sell the other 2. It is a 1,000 watt sub. before i put this in, i need your opinion if you know anything about these. what amp would you reccomend me getting? and what kind of wiring do you recommend?

any info would be a appreciated, THANX!!!!
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any free sub is atleast a decent sub.
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Unless it was blown.
You've got better friends than me.

I don't know anything about Soundstream, but I think they are ok from what I've heard and read.

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Soundstream is pretty good stuff. You should proll run at least 350 to 500 Watts to it. I run 750 Watts to a single Alpine Type R 10 and as you heard, it sounds great. Here's a link to another post about adding an amp to the stock deck. It should help with your questions.

OOoops!! forgot the link:
Where can i get an RCA jack to connect my amp????? thats all i need to install my subs
This is covered in the link I posted above.

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