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Subs causing alot of rattling?

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Since i put my subs in the TC ive had a ton of external rattling, and some internal ..... its not That noticeable from the inside but standing outside the car it sounds like a early 90s grand am, that every kid has a system in........what can i do..... my last car i stuffed foamy stuff everywhere and it helped, but dont really wana do that to the tc, it mostly comes from the rear part of the hatch....behind all that plastic........any ideas??? Thanks ! - Greg
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Dynamat? Expensive, but I've heard it works...
Yah, Dynamat works wonders. Get the Ultra type. It has the best adhesion so it won't fall off with the heat on vertical surfaces.

Edit - It's actually called Dynamat Extreme, sorry.
I have the factory sub in my car with no rattles just had to isolate the lisence plate and frame with some little rubber feet.
A lot of people swear by this stuff:

Haven't tried it yet, but it sure is cheaper than Dynamat... that's for sure.
Jesus Q. Christ I have soo many rattles in my tC. Understandable tho.
Guys after i made that post, i swear it just got worse.....i think tomorrow im gunna try to take off the plastic part of the hatch, cuz it is all comming from in hoping its just a bar or something easily fixable........any other ideas????
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