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Sub box location idea?

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Hey i was wondering if anyone has pictures of the sub box. I'm looking for cool ways to stick it in their and still have room for the stuff i stick in the trunk. any ideas or pictures?
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i put mine in the trunk, fits better there than in the back seat
and if i need my trunk back, i unplug 2 wires and pull the box out.
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thats pretty sweet. i was thinking of going with 2 subs.....and making a box like that that can come out. and i want to stick my amps in the floor and have red LCD illuminating it.... lol it's a idea ive had. anyone have experience with that?
I haven't finshed it yet but when i do i will post pics but for my subs i'm gutting my trunk, laying some dynomat and i'm installing 2 JL Audio 10w3's an e6450 amp and putting plexeglass (excuse the spelling) over it all then if i need the trunk space i'm going to have a cargo mat to protect it from scraches.
yeah i was thinking of going with JL audio since thats what my friend has. he has those exact same subs. he said he had to use two lairs of dynomatt in order to not make his car rattle. But thats a cool idea too
Here's where mine are:
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Im redoing the amp setup, but here are my initial pics(new ones will be posted when i download them off my camera:

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sweet thanks alot. those are tight.
Man I am glad I found this thread I was thinking of creating a new thread about the same topic. I am thinking (have a few ideas in my head currently) of doing a full trunk set up and was looking to see some ppls ideas as well..

However I am thinking of building a box to cover the length of the backseats, and go up against the backseats, and building a subfloor, and mounting everything to the subfloor and carpeting over the wires to hide them. Then I am going to lay wood over the carpet that will be painted and color matched to my car..

I have pictured it in my head and think it will look hott, if any others have an active imagination and can picture it in their heads and have some ideas that might make it flow a little nicer or can think of something to add feel free to hit me up and let me know...

Also Speedytc Im sorry to hijack your thread, I being a newbie on this particular site didnt want to start a whole new thread and p*ss ppl off just yet...
it's cool. yeah i was thinking of sticking my sub in the floor where the spair tire is. and sticking just 1 12 inch sub there and sticking alot of dynomatt in the car so it dosnt rattle. either that or im getting two 10 inch subs and making a box carpeted and putting my amp in the floor with LED illuminating it. and i think your box idea sounded pretty cool.
I was thinking of going the way your going but I want to be able to have my spare in the car in case of a problem thats why I am going to raise the floor a bit and make a lift door to access the tire below...
You have to make a raised false floor, otherwise you can't fit a deep sub in there.
I am building an enclosed box the length of the backseats and its going up against the back seats not into the floor.. The amps, dist. blocks, farad cap, ect are going on the floor getting covered by carpet to hide the wires and then a layer of wood is going over the carpet... ( Around the areas of the amps, dist block, cap I am going to cut a hole or ovals in the top layer of wood to expose the carpeting giving the floating effect.
Should be neat to see

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yeah i like just got my TC. so i am just starting modifications and stuff. Havnt done anything yet. since im only 16 i have to run everything through my dad first haha.
Originally posted by EddieMoney@Jan 6 2006, 09:17 AM
Should be neat to see

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2005 5MT Back Cherry Pearl
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good looking thanks I hadnt read my sig...
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