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Strut Problems

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Has anyone had problems with any of their struts, specifically those on the front? I was on vacation in VA Beach when my front-right strut busted (blew is the term service department used)... had it towed to a dealership their, and they did a jurry rig fix so I could make it back down here for the permanent solution. Got a nice paper trail saying it's covered by warranty, what they did to fix it, and if their are any problems in that area it is probably due to their temporary solution and should still be covered by warranty (and billed to them).

lo bux, any ideas on what would cause this?
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Originally posted by PeteyP@Jul 13 2005, 04:30 PM
yep...sounds like a fauly shock...maybe something punctured it, or it just wasn't tested right from Toyota...I wouldn't sweat it.. i don't think it was ur fault. The way u described it, sounds like it was an external problem out of ur control. The warranty will cover it up to 36,000's Toyota...good luck to ya...
Hmmm... thought the TRD warranty was 5yrs?
I'm not sure what the warranty is in writing. I just talked to the Scion guy from the dealer yesterday in regards to those TRD springs, and he told me they were warrantied for the 3 yr. 36000. That's just what he said, he could be wrong...
AFAIK, TRD parts that replace stock parts are warranted till the end of their stock counterparts warranty, so suspension is 3/36, SC will be 5/60, etc. Not sure if TRD stuff is covered by extended warranties. Anyone with more expertise care to elaborate?
trd parts are warrantied for a year with your own install, and three with a dealer doing install.
the s/c is covered in our 72/100K platinum warranty. dont see why it wouldnt cover a set of shocks and struts.
*smacks forehead*

They fuckin ordered the wrong parts again. I'm calling up Scion corporate and bitching about this one, this service is ####ing HORRIBLE!
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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