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I know some of you have said that the tC's front windshield is weak from rock chips and the like, but I have a testimonial story that says otherwise.

I was on I-5 driving southbound from Seattle to Oregon. A truck was in the left line next to me as we were all going around 60 mph. Due to the poor conditions of the freeway here in Seattle, there are tons of lose rocks or pavement for trucks to pop off the road at you. Anyway, I literally watched a golf ball size piece of pavement lifted off of the trucks rare right tire and pop right onto my windshield. Scared the hell out of my fiancee.

NO CRACKS whatsoever!!! I was really impressed.

I used to drive a 2002 Civic and I would get rock chips twice a month. Thank god the rock didn't hit the hood of my tC or it's bye bye paint.
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