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STP fuel injector cleaner

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i was wondering about this product. my dad puts the stuff in his car every time he changes his oil. then today at the store i saw this huge picture of a clogged injector and a clean one advertising the injector cleaner. im wondering if this is just pure hype, or if it actually works.
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Injector cleaners work, but STP isn't one of the better ones. BG44K is the best (and most expensive). Chevron Clean-Up with Techroline is also very good and about half the cost of BG's product. I've also used Red Line's FI cleaner, it seems to work reasonably well if the injectors just need a touch up. The BG stuff is about $16 a can. Pretty pricey, and with the current state of oil prices, it may have gone up significantly since I last bought it.

The cheap stuff is pretty marginal, but if you've got a really badly clogged injector anything will help some. The easy way to tell if you are having injector issues is idle quality. A partially clogged injector will not let the engine idle smoothly at all.
so adding STP, or a cheap injector cleaner, every 5K miles should be good for maintanence, and the expensive stuff to use when you have a real problem?
I use Techroline or Red Line every 5k. BG is a last ditch effort before I send the injectors to RC Engineering for a thorough clean and balance.
i'd stay away from the stp stuff.. i've tried the chevron w/techron.. never did much good.. the only thing that really worked was the BG44k ( usually can get it at a dealer.. can is about $17-20 depends on what they charge..

some cheaper fuel additives can actually INCREASE deposits. I don't doubt that at all, plus why take the chance? some people might say that it's no big deal, but hey it's not their fuel system.. i've tried a lot and i'd suggest the bg44k.. and usually every 10-15,000 miles is how long the results last. I usually get an oil change after adding the bg44k, never know if the residue on the cylinder walls mixed with the oil. Better to be safe than sorry, the old saying goes.. but i'll probably get people on here who say otherwise, but hey this is how i do that fuel cleaning..
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i wont argue with that at all. sounds like a pretty good system. i will have to give the BG44K a try.
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