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Stock Wiring Harness Stock sub

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Alright I have two questions.
1) Does the stock head unit have RCA outs? If not, please asnwer the next question

2) I havent had a chance to look at the stock harness, but i was wondering if there was a way to get the audio signal from the harness. What i want to do is use the harness to hook up to a line output converter so i dont have to dismantle the rear panels to get to the speakers

normally you hook up wires from the rear speakers to the line output converter which turns it to rcas that go to the amp. You do this when your head unit does not have RCA outs.

Since the stock harness has to in some way be connected to yoru audio in order to get the audio to the optional subwoofer, there has to be some way to use the stock harness to get my audio to my aftermarket amp/sub.

Thank you, i hope this makes sense.
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Before your told to search the forums on this topic. You pretty much answered your own question.

You have 3 choices:

1. buy a new headunit
2. tap into the rear speakers with the line out converter
3. buy the 60.00 harness on ebay (be careful some said it friend there hu) so they had to go to option 1.

Option 2 is the easy and cheapest way to go. Line out converters are only 14.00 max.

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This is one of the easiest ways to get RCA outs on the stock head unit. I used this on my car and it worked like a charm, very easy plug and play. I got it for $39 which isn't too bad considering it kept me from splicing into the factory wiring.
actually the easiest, cheapest, and best sounding way would be to use an amp that has High Level is the same as having a Line Level Converter built right into the need for RCA's...just run speaker signal to the amp and it will convert into useful sure to just piggyback tap though so you keep the sound coming from the regular speakers....
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