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Stock Tires Fit These Rims?

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Ok I dont know much about what tires will fit what rims...Also Im a lil broke and looking to save money, so I was wondering if my stock 05 TC tires will fit on these rims....

Name: Gt-5
Bolt Pattern: 5x112 & 5x114.3
Size: 17"x7"
offset: +42mm

Also the offset... does that mean they will stick out more then usual? Any Ideas suggestions... any help!

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First of all, those rims won't fit your car. You have 5x100 spacing, 5x112 is a VW. Those are the same size as the stock wheels so yes the tires will fit. As far as offset, those will stick out a little farther than stock i believe(i dont remember the exact stock offset though)
Ohh nice catch didnt even notice... Thanks
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