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Stock tC parts sale, CANCELLED, I may needs parts now

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Our car will be in the family a very long time so no need to keep these parts around collecting dust and getting in the way.

--Stock front seats, complete, 3k miles, best offer

--Stock roof, complete, glass, sliders, motor, etc, it all comes off in one piece,
Price to be determined, any reasonable offer accepted.

--Stock battery, two, used less than 3k miles each, best offer, these are very good Panasonic batteries.

--Stock hood soon, once we get a CF one in and painted, best offer

--Stock Stereo, never installed, best offer

--Stock rear rotors and pads, lines used 2k miles, best offer

--Stock struts, used 2k miles, best offer

--Stock sway bars, front not off the car yet but soon.

--Stock front rotors, calipers, pads, lines, 4k miles, not off the car yet.

--Stock steering wheel and all three front airbags

--Stock clutch, pp and flywheel available soon

--Stock engine cover

That is all I can think of for now:)

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Hmmm, cleaning out for the New gear lol. Good Guy here.
holy crap Rick! Judging from that list, your tC is gonna be hot!!!

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Thanks and yes, pretty hot but subtle on the outside so I can have more fun;)

I guess I could add a few things more:

-Spare tire, jack, foam it all sits in.

-Intake system except manifold, keeping that for now;)

-Bin full of wire harnesses, brackets, bolts, nuts, misc stuff removed.

-Reat stock upper control arms.

-Front seat belts and center rear seat belt

-Stock wheels and tires, already sold

-Stock antenna

-Stock pedals

-Stock shift knob

Parts not in condition to go onto another car:

-Exhaust, grills, stock speakers, sure there will be more:)

-Bin full of factory deadening, all of it;)

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i need the one part of the sunroof the little glass in the front that works as a wind deflector how much for it e-mail me to [email protected] thanks
Sorry, not for sale individually, only selling the entire roof in one piece.

Hey Rick,
I was just wondering how much for the front rotors and pads?? thanks Justin
r u like complete rebuildin a tC?? makin it a track car or somethin??
post some pic when u r finished or still in progress
Front rotors and pads are on hold for somebody.

Just making it all around faster, better handling, a bit better stopping. Setting it up for SCCA autocross in SM class which is really a tough one with highly modded STI's and EVO 8's so I have to kind of go nuts to have a prayer of being competitive, which I plan to be fairly good at:)

The car will see some drag racing and some track days on road courses as well as will be a world champ contender in car audio but not a show car, a real driver driven to all events and not a dyno queen, real power that is usable.

Just wondering if you're getting rid of your front bumper?
hmm how about headlamps? I want to buy a spare of headlamps so I can do a retrofit project.
the car is not totalled, just undergoing some fun performance mods;)

Nothing for sell that is not already listed, sorry.

how much for just the stock exhaust tip, if selling.
If you mean just the SS end piece we may us it on the new exhaust, have not decided yet, we like stealthiness so we can have more fun driving the was we like to:)

=( well, let me know when you are sure.
i need a back left tail light if ur gettin rid of that
Sorry, only the parts listed are being sold off as we no longer need them, they are being replaced with mostly real performance parts, some cosmetic but not much of that for our cars.

The rear trim panels have to stay with the car, SCCA rules for our class requires them.

rick, selling the stock sideskirts? i'm in need of the passenger side one right now, let me know thanks.
Only selling what is listed, not parting out the car, not putting on a different body kit, etc, sorry, just the list.

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